implant has a platform with an inner cone and a hexagon for positioning. This type of platform allows creating a conical connection with suprastructures. This connection is more stable and airtight. 3.25 mm diameter implants are installed in front and lateral parts (canine teeth, incisors, premolar teeth).

Zahntium implant drawing


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Surface Treatment

3D Active surface represents the latest generation of dental implant surface treatment technology. This surface is active and hydrophilic; it has distinct multi-layered microporous structure. The thickness of oxide layer of the implant surface reaches 10-12 microns. The entire thickness of the oxide layer is imbued with micropores that combine with each other and create a multi-layered surface. This way, the bone tissue grows deeper both in and between micro pores. Thereby, implant surface area is significantly increased and, thus the contact between bone tissue and implant surface is strengthened. Titanium oxide film is enriched with calcium hydroxyapatite, and the implant surface is contaminant-free. It has prominent hydrophilic characteristics (absorption).

Surgical Kit