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Founded in 2006, Headquartered in Dubai. U.A E, ZAHNTIUM is showing the dental implant industry how a strong business model can service customers effectively and economically. ZAHNTIUM is a full line top quality, compatible dental implants and accessories at a reasonable cost. we supply Dental Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals and laboratories with every type of specialized dental equipment for endodontics, implantology, Bone and membrane, and dental kits. we built a well-known, impeccable reputation in the community. Our management has many years of experience in the field of dental implants.

At ZAHNTIUM we are not only the most competitively priced, service-oriented supply company in the nation; we are now the best full-line compatible dental implants and accessories supply company.

We are located in Dubai but serve customers across the country of United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Two key differences between ZAHNTIUM and most other distributors are our broad product offering and our supply base. We are very proud to represent the leaders in dental implant manufacturing, and we work closely with our suppliers to make sure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers.

as our motto goes “where quality meets service”, our promise to our customers is to continue improvement and sourcing out the best quality products available, at reasonable cost combined with the best service that goes beyond the sale. 



Our mission is to provide cutting-edge products designed to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals and patients. We prioritize innovation, precision, and reliability to ensure the highest standards of dental care.


Whether you're a practitioner seeking advanced tools or a patient in pursuit of optimal oral health, our comprehensive range of products is meticulously crafted to deliver excellence. Elevate your dental experience with our premium solutions, trusted by professionals and accessible to everyone.